Solitary Moments in Nature: LAPC

Solitary moments

Collecting pollen for little larvae

Solitary moments

Browsing branches in High Desert landscapes

Mule deer buck

Eyeing potential prey, gliding overhead

Cooper's Hawk

Solitary moments

Standing still along a winding river

Solitary moments

Balancing among blossoms, calling in spring

Brewer's Blackbird

Wading and waiting for a distant flock

Solitary moments Snow Goose

Grazing grass in an alpine meadow

Alone, yet part of a greater herd


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Alone Time

17 thoughts on “Solitary Moments in Nature: LAPC

    • Thanks, Tina! That was an immature Cooper’s Hawk. I just looked outside and my “pet” adult Cooper’s Hawk is perching on the same tree. It’s a popular spot!

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