A dusting of snow: LAPC & SC

A dusting of snow accentuates
sculptures created by the wind

Dusting of snow

And softens rough edges
of twisting structures

Snowy juniper

A dusting of snow
muffles the calls of nature

Ring-necked doves

And softens footfalls
while drawing our eyes to the skies

dusting of snow

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) – Bringing softness

Sunday Confessionals (SC) – Notice of Nature

26 thoughts on “A dusting of snow: LAPC & SC

  1. Been lucky so far since getting back from Texas, the snow has stayed away for the most part – the downside is we do not get to witness the pretty accents your shots reveal.

    • Yeah, it’s nice not to have to drive in snow. We need a lot more in the mountains here to avoid drought later. ❄🤞

  2. May be my favorite post you’ve done Siobhan. Everything about it is wonderful. Your verse is perfectly matched to your images – and the image of the bird on the tree stump would definitely be framed on my walls! Gorgeous post from start to finish

  3. A wonderful choice – snow! Lovely softness all over, but the doves are my absolute favourites. There are two of them and in perfect positions and the vignetting is beautiful.

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