Wild sunflowers: First Friday Art

Today I’m sharing a pen-and-ink drawing I did of wild sunflowers. These were growing at Wawawai Canyon, in southeast Washington State.

wild sunflowers

Here’s the picture from my archives I was working from.

Wild Sunflowers

The wild sunflowers in the photo below were growing on the east side of Steens Mountain in southern Oregon. There are 52 species of sunflower in North America.

Sunflowers & stagecoaches at Steens Mountain, Oregon August 2019

People often confuse sunflowers with another native wildflower. The picture below is of arrowleaf balsamroot. See how the leaves emerge from the base of the plant?

Balsamroot in the Columbia Gorge, WA 16Apr2017

Both of these plants have gorgeous yellow flowers. The flowers are a sure sign of spring.

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6 thoughts on “Wild sunflowers: First Friday Art

  1. Been too long since I sat down in front of a sketchpad (used to get my itch scratched doodling in boring meetings ha) – life has gotten busy for some reason, this reminds me to step back and relax – thnx.

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