A tower of light tale: LAPC & WWP

There, above a rocky shore, a cylindrical tower appears.
The shipwrecked crew stumbles towards the house of perpetual light.
They ascend a zigzagging set of stairs, rising above the gray mist.

Lighthouse tower

A well-worn trail leads them towards the shining tower.
Thick fog clears, revealing a path that encircles the lighthouse.
The crew heads towards the front door, seeking warmth and sustenance.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Oregon lighthouse tower

Their captain chooses another path.
His hands trace curving waves that so recently held his ship.
He bows his head, grateful for deliverance.

Memorial for lost sailors

Photos of Yaquina Head Lighthouse and memorial in Newport, Oregon

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20 thoughts on “A tower of light tale: LAPC & WWP

  1. Having both grown up in Newport, Oregon, Robert and I enjoyed your “tall tale” and the photos. Thanks for taking us down memory lane. Suzy

  2. A lot of emotion in that shot with the classic nautical mist and hopeful beacon. Not that familiar with that region of the States (hoping to get out there some day soon), thanks for giving me something to look forward to.

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