Visiting the Wild West : LAPC

I feel most at home when visiting the Wild West.

In the West, tall tales are told in layers of intense and pale colors.

Visiting the Wild West
Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon

Odd-looking plants stand tall, like characters in a children’s picture book.

Joshua Trees
Joshua Tree National Park, California

You may find ancient hidden stories exposed by wind and water.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

When you visit the Wild West, look for cloudbursts highlighting the mood of mountains.

Visiting the Wild West
Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Notice arid landscapes cracking and folding, longing for the moisture on distant snow-topped peaks.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Admire towering sentries from a distance, knowing they guard reserves of water with tough skins and sharp spines.

Saguaro cactus
Saguaro National Park, Arizona

Lens-Artists Photography Challenge – Home Sweet Home

For more photos of the Wild West, see my Visiting Westworld post.

18 thoughts on “Visiting the Wild West : LAPC

  1. Such a beautiful part of our world Siobhan – well chosen and beautifully shown. Did you use an app for the framing? If your goal was to portray them as postcards from times gone by, you definitely achieved it!

    • Thank you, Tina! Since some of those photos are decades old, I decided to make all of them look older with frames from Corel PaintShop Pro. 🙂

    • Thanks, Stephen! I focused on desert locations in national parks & monuments for this challenge. I know there are some unique places in Washington, like Dry Falls State Park, but I couldn’t find good pictures in my archives. I did my graduate research in Grant County, WA and saw many beautiful sights there. 🙂

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