In the Spotlight: LAPC

The pictures featured in this post focus on part of the picture being in the spotlight. A darker background increases the contrast and draws your eye towards the lighter part.

We visited Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone National Park in the early morning. The sun rose behind the scene, bathing the steam in light.

in the spotlight geyser

These two Northern River Otters at the High Desert Museum were in constant motion the day I photographed them. In this picture, sunlight illuminated both of their heads simultaneously.

Northern river otters

Stormy skies dominated the landscape when we visited Bryce Canyon National Park. A beam of sunshine broke through the clouds and highlighted this layered formation.

Bryce Canyon

Evening-primrose blossoms open at night. I captured this image of these delicate, fragrant blossoms in my yard at dusk. You can see why I like to photograph, paint, and write about this lovely flower.

Evening primrose

We drove along the McKenzie Highway near Sisters, Oregon in search of fall foliage. The twisting, turning highway was cast in shadow, but these vine maples beamed with color in a patch of sunlight.

In the spotlight

Sometimes your subject isn’t quite in the spotlight, but the picture may still be interesting. A slice of sunlight split the background beneath this Cottontail Rabbit at Summer Lake in Oregon.

Cottontail rabbit

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Here comes the sun

12 thoughts on “In the Spotlight: LAPC

  1. A beautiful set of images of “here comes the sun”! The first photo is stunning. The Bryce Canyon, wow! Enjoyed the flowers, leaves, rabbit under the sun through your lens. 🙂

  2. Great collection. Intrigued by the evening primrose. Do the flowers change colour as they age, or are there just two different colours of flowers on every plant?

    • Thanks! According to, tufted evening primrose petals change from white to pink as they mature. Good question!

  3. Loved your approach this week Siobhan – you treated the sun as an accent that enhanced each of your subjects beautifully. Loved the little otters as well as the effect on the steam. Very clever and artistically done!

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