Aspen eyes – somebody’s watching me: TTL

When I’m out walking among the aspen eyes early in the morning, I always feel like somebody’s watching me. While Michael Jackson was referring to his fans or the paparazzi with those lyrics, I’m referring to the eyes of nature. These aspen trees watch over me, always making sure I’m safe. My many-eyed guardians are beginning to leaf out with their distinctive fluttering leaves.

Thursday Tree Love 130

26 thoughts on “Aspen eyes – somebody’s watching me: TTL

  1. How intriguing .. one of those things I probably passed by a hundred times and never noticed – now I will never be able to un”see” them ever again.

  2. I wonder if one reason the Basque shepherds in Idaho and other western states carved initials and pictures into aspens is because the trees were already watching them with their “eyes?”

    Beautiful photos, Siobhan. I miss the beautiful, story-telling bark aspen trees!

    • Could be! Coincidentally, I’m going on a hike tomorrow along an old wagon road. They’ll be showing us marks travelers carved into the trees long ago.

  3. Like you Siobhan, I am a lover of nature, and trees are high on my list of favorite things. Aspens are especially high on my tree list because they are so gorgeous, their interconnection underground is fascinating and sadly we don’t have them here in the south. There’s a beautiful grove near my brother’s home in Colorado which I make a point of visiting whenever I’m there. Your post really made my day.

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  5. This is so interesting, Siobhan. i don’t think I have even seen these in pictures so I am very glad you shared these eyes of the Aspen. Thanks for joining and looking forward to seeing you again today.

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    • Yes, they are a unique tree and their fluttering leaves are beautiful and have a calming effect on people.

  7. Aspens have beautiful trunks and foliage (especially in fall). Next time I’m going to look for the eyes. 🙂 (Oh gosh! I’ve been watching The Handmaid’s Tail and the ‘eyes’ in the series are also coming to mind, now :D)

    Thank you for pointing out Aspen eyes. 🙂

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