Petrified wood bits – Bear Creek: LAPC & Macro Monday

Last month, we collected petrified wood bits from Bear Creek, south of Prineville Reservoir in Oregon. The following pieces are one inch or less in size. Getting decent photographs of these tiny stones proved to be a challenge.

I set up a tabletop studio and tried a Panasonic Lumix and a Galaxy Ultra phone camera. I had to keep adjusting the spotlights outside of the studio. Each stone was given a quick spritz of water to bring out their color. After many unsuccessful attempts with both cameras, I finally got some good shots with the Panasonic.

petrified wood
Close up of wood
petrified wood
close up of rock
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Here’s a photo of what we collected at Bear Creek and nearby Fischer Canyon. The little pieces of petrified wood I found are on the left. The various types of rock on the right measure about six inches in length, for scale.

Bear Creek rocks

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12 thoughts on “Petrified wood bits – Bear Creek: LAPC & Macro Monday

  1. These are precious and beautiful small things on earth. I love rocks. I have a collection of small rocks that I collected from my trips.

  2. Good for you for persevering to capture these so well Siobhan! Such an interesting subject as well – is the petrified wood as hard as a rock or more like the texture of charcoal? Terrific results!

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