Peregrine falcon drawing, photo, video: First Friday Art

Here’s a pencil drawing I did of a peregrine falcon guarding its prey. I have been fascinated by falcons ever since I read accounts of Genghis Kahn hunting with them. Some of my earliest crayon drawings are of mounted riders carrying falcons. This site describes the 6,000-year old Mongolian tradition and features photos of falconers on horseback.

Peregrine falcon Siobhan Sullivan

On our trip to Ireland in March 2020, we looked forward to participating in the Dingle Falconry Experience in County Kerry. Trained owls and hawks briefly perch on your gloved hand before flying to the next participant.

This photo shows their peregrine falcon feeding after its flight. The falcon was only handled by the trainer, Andi Chewning.

Dingle Falconry Experience
Read more: Peregrine falcon drawing, photo, video: First Friday Art

In this video, you’ll see Andi working the bird by swinging a lure over her head. Once the birds “tag” the lure, the trainer rewards them with food they provide. When falconers hunt with their birds, the falconer takes the prey they catch.

As you can tell by the sounds coming from the participants, watching the falcon in action is an impressive sight.

Here’s a closer look at Andi with the bird on the ground while it’s feeding. My daughter, Chani, filmed this part.

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    • Thanks, Becky! The falconry experience was my daughter’s favorite thing on the 1,600 mile trip. It was so cool!

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