Lost Forest Pine tree: 1-to-3 Photo Challenge & TTL

Today I’m sharing a photograph of a Lost Forest pine tree processed three ways. The Lost Forest is a geographically isolated forest in the High Desert of Central Oregon. A visit to this unique forest inspired me to write a short story.

I’ll be showing how I processed this picture three ways with Corel PaintShop Pro 2021. Prior to trying out the various effects, I increased the contrast and vibrancy slightly.

The first two show the original and the same picture with a box camera effect. For this image I went to Effects>Photo Effects>Time Machine>Box camera. I was pleased how this effect enhanced details of the tree’s structure.

Lost Forest pine treeLost Forest pine tree box camera

The second two show the original Lost Forest pine tree and the same picture with a warming filter effect. For this image I went to Effects>Photo Effects>Film and Filters. I chose the Warm earth tones option with an orange warming filter. This effect made the tree’s red bark stand out. The puzzle-like bark of ponderosa pines is one of their most interesting features. This effect also highlighted the bare branches better than other effects I considered.

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Lost Forest pine treeWarming filter on pine tree

The third two show the original and the same picture with a brush stroke effect. For this image I went to Effects>Art Media Effects>Brush strokes. I changed the Softness setting to 20. This artsy effect shows off the shapes and color of the tree and background sky.

Lost Forest pine treeBrush strokes pine tree

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge March 2022

Thursday Tree Love (TTL) 126

14 thoughts on “Lost Forest Pine tree: 1-to-3 Photo Challenge & TTL

  1. I love the texture in the bark and how different it looks with the different effects. I love how the warming effect intersected with the colors of the bark and needles. It really made them pop out.

  2. I always enjoy reading about other bloggers’ editing decisions – what they did and why. Of these three effects I think I prefer the warming filter – the colours are lovely and I like the way it draws the eye to the bark and branches 🙂

    • It does make you think a bit more about what you’re going to do when you write it down. Yes, the warming filter brought out the best in that tree!

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  4. That is such brilliance, Siobhan! I can’t decide which one I like most. The textures, the close ups are beautiful to say the least. Thanks for sharing and joining!

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