Special somethings around the house: LAPC

This post includes photos of smaller-sized special somethings collected over the years.

Special somethings discovered

The first photo shows a radiator cap from a 1928 Pontiac. We found it buried in the forest where we used to live. The Indian brave sculpture is so detailed!

Special somethings radiator cap

The next photo shows a picture of my favorite salt & pepper shakers. This pair was found in an antique store in Snohomish, Washington. I’m not sure what year these were made, but they look like Depression-era glassware.

Depression glass S & P

Things from the earth

The next photo shows a piece of black obsidian. I found this piece at Glass Buttes, about an hour east of Bend, Oregon. This rock has radiating curves that developed as it cooled thousands of years ago.

Special somethings black obsidian
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The next photo shows a fossil gingko leaf. This was found at Stonerose Interpretive Center & Eocene Fossil Site in Republic, Washington. We took our family there to dig for fossils as part of our annual camping trip. It’s my favorite fossil I’ve ever found because I love gingko trees!

Fossil gingko leaf

Special things with sentimental value

The next photo is of a mug and planter. These were purchased decades ago in Rhodes, Greece by my dad when he was in the Navy. I assumed they must be valuable, but recently found a set of three of these mugs for $45 on eBay. Oh well, I still like them.

Ikaros pottery from Greece

The last photo is of a toy stereo. When I was a teenager, I asked for a stereo every year for Christmas. Our family was not well off financially and stereos used to cost a lot more then, relatively speaking. They bought me this one year and, even though it’s not in great shape anymore, I’ve kept it around to remind myself you don’t always get what you want. 😁

Toy stereo

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) #182 – Interesting Objects

20 thoughts on “Special somethings around the house: LAPC

  1. Loved your choices this week Siobhan because not only are they interesting, they also help us to know you a little better. I absolutely loved your stereo story. It reminded me of the princess phone I really wanted and never got. Back then who’d ever have thought some day we’d have our phones in our pockets and always available for way more than conversations. But I digress…loved your choices and the stories that went with them.

    • Thanks, Tina! Yes, I remember the princess phones – it’s like they were somehow way better than the standard shaped ones. 😁

  2. What a clever idea for a response to this challenge! I loved reading the stories behind the objects – where you found them etc. That piece of obsidian is especially beautiful!

  3. This is a wonderful collection, Siobhan! I love your memories to go along with some treasured objects. The stereo is priceless and so is the pottery. The ginko leaf fossil is amazing. I agree that the salt and pepper shakers look like Depression glass. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

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