Mix Tape A & B Mural: Monday Murals

This Mix Tape A & B mural, by artist Erik Hoogen, is located at Silver Moon Brewing in Bend, Oregon. Erik worked on this labor of love seasonally for two years. This large work of art is located in a narrow alley so instead of trying to show it in one photo, I took several.

I am so impressed by this mural! It’s difficult to paint with a monotone palette and Erik made it look easy.

Mix tape A & B

He captured the essence of these musicians from different times and genres.

Musician mural

Many of the musicians are portrayed in iconic poses.

Mix Tape A & B
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However, Erik also showed his sense of humor. Can you find a glam rock musician with his fingers in his ears in one of these photos? Did you spot the rapper drinking a Silver Moon beer?

Musician mural

He also incorporated powerful words to go along with the images. On one side it says,

A painting is music U can see. Music is a painting U can hear.

Miles Davis

On the other side, it says, “One Love, Unity, & Respect” and “Cheers.”

Mix Tape A & B

There are small touches of color in this mural. Did you notice the orange butterflies fluttering among the musicians?

Musician mural

And what about that door? In reality, it’s just an ordinary exterior door. I love how he made it into something amazing!

Musician mural

For a peek at a mural inside Silver Moon, see Pub Art at Silver Moon Brewing.

Some of the codes restricting where murals could be located in Bend were eliminated in 2019. Mix Tape A & B is one of the many murals that have appeared in the past couple of years as a result of that change. Lucky us!

Monday Mural

10 thoughts on “Mix Tape A & B Mural: Monday Murals

  1. Wow, what a wonderful tribute to hundreds of singers in that mural. I recognized quite a few.
    Is that David Bowie with the fingers in his ears? Love the little butterflies all over the mural, and that door is fantastic too! “Music is a painting you can hear” I love that!!
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Siobhan.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2022.

    • Yeah, it’s a great mural, Sami! And yes, that’s David Bowie. 😁 The door alone is great! I love that the artist put so much into that finishing touch. Nice quotes too. You have a good 2022 as well, and thanks for this challenge.

  2. I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at all these icons of music. Even before you mentioned it, I thought the colorful butterflies added that tiny spark of color to an otherwise monochromatic work of beauty. It’s amazing. Yes, I saw Bowie, too. Have a joyous, safe, healthy New Year.

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