Peaceful scenes near Bend, Oregon: LAPC

Once again, I’m sharing images of peaceful scenes near my home in Bend, Oregon.

Sahalie Falls, about an hour west of Bend, rewards visitors with this picture perfect view. Moss-covered rocks frame the rainbows floating over the river.

peaceful scenes - Sahalie Falls
Sahalie Falls

The next photo shows a few of my next door neighbors. This mule deer doe often jumped the fence into our yard to take a break from her fawns. 😀

Mule deer and fawns
Mule deer doe and two fawns
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Prineville Reservoir is about an hour east of Bend. I paddled around part of this large reservoir in my kayak last spring. The geological features surrounding the reservoir are so impressive!

Prineville Reservoir, Oregon
Prineville Reservoir

The next photo shows a meeting of the minds near Burns, Oregon, two hours east of Bend. The double-crested cormorants appear to be having a peaceful discussion with the white pelicans.

Cormorants & pelicans
Double-crested cormorants and white pelicans north of Malheur NWR

The last photo shows several of Oregon’s Cascade volcanoes in the distance with manzanita shrubs in bloom in the foreground. This picture was taken near Paulina Lake, less than an hour south of Bend. The volcanoes pictured in this peaceful scene have been slumbering for many years.

Peaceful scenes near Paulina Lake
Cascade volcanoes and manzanita in bloom

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