The wisest ones wait – 2 haiku: SS & Haiku Challenge

the wisest ones wait
impatient trembles of green
longing for fall’s kiss

The wisest ones wait for fall

scarlet embraces
gold whispers, orange laughter
autumn’s fleeting love

Autumn leaves in Oregon

Sunday Stills (SS) – Leaves and Trees

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge – Wait and Wise

9 thoughts on “The wisest ones wait – 2 haiku: SS & Haiku Challenge

  1. I loved your Haiku’s. I have played with them a little but was thinking yesterday I want to do it more. Maybe I’ll try and incorporate them into my Writers Quote Wednesday posts.

    • Thank you, Kirstin! When I decide to write a haiku I always think it will be easy, but it’s not easy to get a point across in so few syllables. 😊

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