Wildlife sightings at Yellowstone: Sunday Stills

Here are a few photos of wildlife sightings at Yellowstone from our trip in early June. Visitors have opportunities to see many furred and feathered creatures within Yellowstone National Park.

Sometimes you see wildlife, such as this snowshoe hare, that you may not have seen in the park before. This hare’s population peaks about every ten years and this must be a peak year.

Wildlife Sightings at Yellowstone

Sometimes you’ll see wildlife interacting within close proximity of each other. This radio-collared gray wolf got a little too close for comfort to the bison calves in this herd. The bulls and cows quickly chased it away.

Bison & wolf
Bison & wolf
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Sometimes you’ll get wildlife sightings at Yellowstone that are hundreds and hundreds of yards away. This grizzly bear with two cubs made its way across a distant mountain meadow. I took this photo with my Samsung phone attached to a spotting scope.

Wildlife sightings in Yellowstone

Other times you’ll get closer views. This sandhill crane family patiently posed for photographers.

Sandhill crane family
Sandhill crane

You might see familiar friends in new settings. We saw killdeer in shallow hot spring features throughout the park. They must enjoy the warm temperature!

Wildlife sightings at Yellowstone

Since the park includes 3,500 square miles, you’ll need to look close to find the wildlife. This lone cinnamon teal floated in a sedge-filled pond – a pinch of spice in a sea of green.

Cinnamon teal

Sunday Stills – Fur and Feathers

23 thoughts on “Wildlife sightings at Yellowstone: Sunday Stills

  1. Wonderful, Siobhan! And nice to see you here at Sunday Stills! You captured such beautiful creatures in the their habitat. I’m struck at how big the gray wolf is compared to those bison calves–good thing the parents were there. You cashed in big time with these great shots on your trip!

    • Thanks, Sarah! We like going in the spring since the chances of seeing baby animals, and gorgeous wildflowers, are higher. 🙂

    • Yes, it is gorgeous! Most of the time the wildlife keeps its distance. However, I have seen many tourists get too close to them.

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