Past their prime: LAPC

Here in the High Desert, things tend to last well past their prime. Though this old truck shows signs of wear and tear, chances are it still runs.

Past their prime truck

This truck is located on rural property along Deschutes Market Road. This is one of 51 “market” roads in and around Deschutes County. These farm-to-market roads were built following passage of the Oregon Market Road Act of 1919. Prior to their construction, farmers navigated many miles of bumpy, rutted dirt roads to deliver their goods.

old truck

A label on the truck’s door reads S & M, Land & Livestock. I’m not sure if this was a local company. There were many ranching operations in Central Oregon, large and small, in the 1870-1920 pre-Industrial period.

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Old land & livestock truck

This old barn is located on Innes Market Road near where it intersects with Gerking Market Road. Roads were often named after nearby landowners. Though this building may look past its prime, it’s mostly intact.

Old earthen barn

An interesting thing about this barn is that berms of earth provide part of the structure. We have temperature extremes in this area, including the possibility of nighttime freezing throughout the year. The insulation provided by the soil helps keep livestock and stored produce at optimal temperatures.

Past its prime barn

You can see a peek of the Sisters volcanic peaks on the left side of this photo. Excellent views from this old barn!

View from old barn

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12 thoughts on “Past their prime: LAPC

  1. I love the look of really old trucks Siobhan. Your post reminded me of one I took years ago in California but I hadn’t thought of it for this one. A perfect choice. I also liked the way you showed the old building with the earth mounds helping to hold it up. Amazing

  2. That’s an interesting point about the way your dry weather preserves things. And when they do weather they seem to do so more gracefully, as you don’t get mould and damp!

  3. Great selections. Once upon a time I had a truck that had similar looks and aging. Someone had built a cabin on the back and I lived in it for many months. I broke the transaxle getting it to a back corner of a friend’s property. Those were the days, seen better.

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