Landscape of Dreams mural: Monday Mural

This brand new Landscape of Dreams mural shows special sights you might see near Bend, Oregon. The mural is located in southeast Bend at the Bend Upstyle store.

The dream-like mural includes a landscape of volcanic peaks surrounded by towering trees and colorful wildflowers. A bighorn sheep ram gazes into the distance. Meanwhile, a longhorn bull, with a quail perched on one horn, looks directly at you. What’s the quail whispering to the bull as they drift through the landscape?

Landscape if Dreams mural

This rendering of Landscape of Dreams was created and painted by Kelly Odden of Kelly Thiel Studio. She was grateful for the assistance of her friend, Kristen Buwalda, for several hours.

Kelly, whose studio is in Bend, creates sculptures and paintings that include impressionistic portraits of animals and people. When I contacted her about the mural, she said the following:

“One of the best parts of working there was the folks who would stop by to chat, watch and ask questions! I had everybody from house painters to moms with sweet, disabled children come over to chat. It was wonderful to connect with others like that!” 

We are lucky to have so many special artists sharing their work in and around Bend!

Monday Mural

11 thoughts on “Landscape of Dreams mural: Monday Mural

  1. It’s quite beautiful and love that the artist took the trouble to interact with passers-by. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  2. That’s a great mural, and it’s interesting to read about the artist’s experiences of working there. When I see a street artist at work I am never sure whether they’d welcome questions or be irritated by the interruption to the creative process.

    • Yeah, I went there early in the morning to photograph it before people parked there. It was interesting to hear what the artist said. I’m glad I contacted her. 😁

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