Movin’ down the road in Harney County, Oregon: LAPC

When you travel the backroads in this part of the country, it’s not uncommon to see cattle herds movin’ down the road guided by cowboys. We saw a couple cowboys on horseback moving this herd near Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Cattle in Harney County

You’ll see dust clouds long before you see the animals.

Movin' down the road

The cattle often stop in the road until they are pressured into moving. Watch for signals from the horseback riders to their dogs herding the cattle. Do your best to stay out of their way.

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movin' down the road

Slowly push your way through. They will move, but they’ll complain about it the whole time.

Cattle in Harney County

While waiting to get through a herd, I often look at the unique markings of each animal and guess what their personalities are like. The cow and calf pictured above are big talkers, always willing to give their opinions. The one closest to us in the shot below is bold and sure-footed. She leads the others in the right direction.

Cattle in Harney County

A part of the Old West lives on in the present when you see cattle movin’ down the road, guided by riders of the range and their remarkable dogs.

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10 thoughts on “Movin’ down the road in Harney County, Oregon: LAPC

  1. Out near where I live there is a thriving community of farmers in the valley. I’ve followed herds and tractors and even waited for turkeys to cross the street (they are quite stubborn). I love this post. How is the air down there ?

    • Thanks, Bonnie Rae! Yes, turkeys can be stubborn and downright aggressive. We have been lucky with the air quality so far this summer. The winds have been in our favor, but they can change at any time.

  2. Lovely post! Here in rural parts of the UK we sometimes encounter herds of cows on their way to milking, or sheep being moved to new pastures and just as you say, the only thing to be done is to drive very slowly forwards as you wait for them to move aside 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah! On our recent trip to Yellowstone, we got behind someone who came to a dead stop when bison were moving down a road. As you know, big animals will get out of the way when pushed.

    • Thanks, John! Yeah, they probably will use drones. Many ranchers nowadays use off road vehicles to move their stock so it’s nice to see some still using horses.

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