Wonderful colors inspired by a song: LAPC

This week I’m featuring pictures of green, red, blue, and white. These are colors in What a Wonderful World, a song that brings back a special memory. Many years ago, I helped a kindergartner class with an art project related to the song. I assigned each student a color and let them paint anything they wanted. It was a “wonderful” experience!

Here’s my take on the colors from the song.

This picture shows the vibrancy of green foliage surrounding a great blue heron in Troutdale.

Wonderful great blue heron

Here’s a picture featuring the power of red in an up close portrait of a hibiscus.

Close up of hyacinth flower

I showed the calmness of blue in this photo of two ring-necked doves in my yard.

Wonderful doves among juniper branches

The softness of white illuminates the road west into Prineville.

Road west into Prineville

The song also mentions rainbow colors. Here’s a misty rainbow over Sahalie Falls.

Sahalie Falls, Oregon 30Aug2016

The rest of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) story…

Why didn’t I give specific instructions to the kindergarten students on what to paint for that long ago project? Their teacher often gave them worksheets to color for class. If they took too long to complete them, or they colored outside the lines, they missed recess and gym class. Yes, really.

When the kids’ paintings were shown during a school assembly, I beamed with pride. What a Wonderful World played in the background. Each student grinned and held up their original work of art. I’m sad to say these paintings were one of only two free-form art projects assigned all year.

After that experience, I volunteered with students at every grade level. I especially enjoyed teaching arts and crafts to high schoolers who missed out when they were younger. Perhaps they had been students of the teacher who tried to push creativity out of young people’s lives.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – It’s a wonderful world

12 thoughts on “Wonderful colors inspired by a song: LAPC

  1. Your post proves that not all people are meant to be teachers! Good for you for showing what art is really about. Loved your approach to the challenge as well as your message

  2. The wonderful world is beautifully expressed through your photos of nature, I love it!
    So wonderful to know you have worked with kid and guided them to be creative. That is so important. 🙂

    • Thanks! I tried to find pictures of the kids holding their artwork but could not find them. Oh well, I was glad to share the story.

  3. Loving your hibiscus and double rainbow! And of course your story about the children’s art – I find it hard to believe they weren’t encouraged to explore and show their creativity as a regular part of the curriculum!

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