Manzanita blossoms up close: Macro Monday

Manzanita blossoms May2021

Manzanita blossoms are putting on a show right now in Central Oregon. The delicate pink blossoms contrast with the thick, leathery green leaves and red bark. The bark on these shrubs peels like on a madrone tree. It’s one of my favorite local plants but it refuses to grow in my garden. That gives me an excuse to seek them out in the wild.

Macro Monday

10 thoughts on “Manzanita blossoms up close: Macro Monday

    • Yes, they are! My favorite plant nursery gives you a sheet with planting instructions and lets you know they may not survive. 🙁

  1. So that’s what those beautiful plants are! I always admired their bark and bright green leaves. I think I’ve seen them – but with white flowers – growing in the forests in western Washington. The pink flowers are gorgeous.

    • They are a special kind of plant. There is a similar plant called Ceanothus. One of its common names is “mountain balm” because when you crush the leaves they have a calming scent. 😀

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