Pine trees at Lava Lands: Thursday Tree Love

Pine trees towering over an ancient lava flow at Lava Lands Visitor Center, in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon. You can see South Sister and Broken Top in the distance.

Pine trees at Lava Lands, Oregon

The 0.4-mile Trail of the Whispering Pines winds its way through the forest near the visitor center. You get great views of pine trees, Lava Butte, and several nearby volcanoes. This path sits on part of Newberry Volcano, a 1,200-square mile shield volcano.

South Sister, pictured on the left above, is the youngest and most geologically active of the Three Sisters volcanoes. The mountain last erupted 2,000 years ago, but a “bulge” began forming in 1997. By 2001, the bulge grew to 9 inches in height and 10 miles in diameter. Its growth since that time has slowed considerably. Both South Sister and Newberry are regularly monitored for volcanic activity.

Thursday Tree Love

16 thoughts on “Pine trees at Lava Lands: Thursday Tree Love

  1. My fiancee’s family is originally from Oregon. His great grandfather was Mr. Elliot who started the forestry there and Elliot State Forest is named after him! I hope to visit there some day!

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  3. You’ve reminded me of how much I love pine trees. They stay green, but let plenty of blue sky through. Oregon is such a beautiful state. One day, I will visit!

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