Mayors Square Mural in Troutdale: Monday Murals

This photo of the sun-dappled Mayors Square Mural reflects past times in Troutdale, Oregon. Muralists Dwayne Harty and Tammy Callens created a depiction of what the town looked like in the early 1900s. Completed in the fall of 2016, this work shows every type of ground transportation available in the beginning of the 20th century. The mural includes a train, horse & buggy, automobiles, bicycle, freight truck, and freight wagon.

Mayors Square Mural

Monday Mural

11 thoughts on “Mayors Square Mural in Troutdale: Monday Murals

  1. Thanks for joining Monday Murals Shiobhan, always lovely to see more murals from around the world.
    It’s a pretty historical mural. Hope to see you again 🙂 Sami

  2. Troutdale, OR. I wonder how many people have been there? My brother lives not too far from there, so now I have another reason to go visit him. You’ve made me homesick for OR. 🙂 If you ever get to Central California, Exeter is the home of murals, but Woodlake has a fair number of murals for the small size of the town.

    • I bet a lot of people don’t know that mural is there. Troutdale is a nice place to visit. It’s charming. Thanks for the advice on places to see murals in California! I’ll check them out when we get down that way. We plan to visit some of the national parks there in the near future. 🙂

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