In the morning light – 4 haiku: LAPC

In the morning light
Fireworks light up the fall sky
Amazement above

In the morning light sunrise October 2020
High desert sunrise

When the day breaks bright
We find our comfortable place
Basking in its warmth

Pixie-bob cat October 2020
Pixie-bob cat

In the light of day
Our differences stand out
Yet we share our songs

In the morning light - Songbirds drinking water
American robin, house sparrow, cedar waxwing, & lesser goldfinch

In the morning light
Snow melts from prickly branches
Revealing warm hearts

Snow on high desert cactus October 2020
Cholla & prickly pear cactus

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The sun will come out tomorrow

24 thoughts on “In the morning light – 4 haiku: LAPC

  1. Yikes to first snow Siobhan! I do however remember loving that first snowfall of the year. After that, not so much 😊. Love how your verses are so beautifully matched to your images. So which comes first, the images or the verse? both are equally wonderful

    • Yep, this is a four seasons kind of place. We may have a snowy winter this year. The images come first. It’s called “ekphrasis.” Glad you like my attempts at blending art with words. 😁

  2. I enjoyed your haiku and that first shot makes me feel as though I’m on the road at the break of day, a wonderful feeling. I also really liked the snow on the cacti, although I hope we don’t get any on ours. 🙂


    • Thanks! Up here, in eastern Oregon, scattered clouds make for great sunrises/sunsets. Hope you don’t get much snow there. I live at 3,400 feet in elevation. I’ve enjoyed your cactus pictures! 🌵

  3. A beautiful post, sending warm hearts and SNOW! How I miss it – so appreciated the touch. Love your cat in there – basking in the sun and with a great view!

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