Grizzly Drawings – pencil and pen & ink: First Friday Art

I’m sharing grizzly drawings for First Friday Art this month. I found this pencil drawing tucked away in a forgotten file drawer. This bear, in a typical bear pose, is feasting on a salmon.

Bear drawing in pencil by Siobhan Sullivan. September 2020

When I flipped the pencil drawing over, I found this on the back. I forgot it was there! The fur is not drawn realistically, but this stylized pen-and-ink is interesting. The bear looks so content.

Grizzly drawings by Siobhan Sullivan. September 2020

Maybe I’ll let these grizzly drawings out of their lonely drawer and do something with them. There must be an empty wall somewhere…

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12 thoughts on “Grizzly Drawings – pencil and pen & ink: First Friday Art

  1. Loved your bears Siobhan – they reminded me of our trip to Brooks Falls in Alaska. I’d love to be able to draw as well but sadly that is one talent I’ve never been blessed with!

    • I’ve seen Grizzlies in Alaska and Wyoming – from a safe distance. I was fortunate to have inherited a bit of my Mom’s skills in the arts. 🙂

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