My sanctuary through the seasons: LAPC

In my sanctuary
Spring arrives with a symphony
Birdsongs and blooms

Chives in bloom in the spring, near Bend, Oregon 2020

Summer arrives with a sizzle
Glowing and grand

Sunrise over my sanctuary Bend, Oregon 2019

Fall arrives with fireworks
Blazing and bright

Fall leaves near Bend, Oregon October 2018

In my sanctuary
Winter arrives with a whisper
Quiet and cool

My sanctuary in winter near Bend, Oregon 2020

Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Sanctuary

21 thoughts on “My sanctuary through the seasons: LAPC

  1. Beautiful images Siobhan and it’s lovely to see the magic through the seasons in your sanctuary – thank you so much for sharing! πŸ’œ

  2. I think my comment was cut off Siobhan so I’ll repeat it. Sorry if it’s a duplicate. Your post is beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Loved both the verse and the images that go with them. Your sanctuary is lovely in every season.

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