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The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week is Pastimes so I immediately thought of rocks. I have always collected them.

Here’s a still life of rocks in my collection. Some we found, some were purchased, and others were gifts.

I like rocks collection of various rocks in Oregon May 2020

A couple of weeks ago we visited Glass Buttes, one of my favorite places. Yes, there are several types of obsidian in this haul, but I also picked up ones that looked cool. I like the large one in the upper left in particular.

I like rocks collection of various rocks in Oregon May 2020

I try to incorporate the rocks we find at various locations into our landscaping. Here’s a few around a cholla cactus I started from a single “leaf.”

Rocks around a cholla plant, Bend, Oregon May 2020

Stones encircling a golden sword yucca plant.

Rocks around a yucca plant, Bend, Oregon May 2020

Igneous rock from our property was used to make the border of this raised bed in the vegetable garden. The hops and chives are growing well.

A rock border in a vegetable garden, Bend, Oregon May 2020

As you may know, I like to paint rocks. I have previously featured pictures of an Australian shepherd and Tyrannosaurus rex I painted.

However, I am not the only rock painter in my neighborhood. When the lock down started due to the coronavirus, a few of my neighbors began to paint rocks with positive messages and distribute them around the neighborhood. This one was by my mailbox one day. This is one of my most precious rocks!

A painted rock with a friendly message, Bend, Oregon May 2020

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Pastimes

46 thoughts on “I like rocks!: LAPC

  1. I love rocks too! Although I don’t really collect them. But I love them as decor inside (like in a fountain) and outside. I think rocks make me feel like I’m in nature. Very nice!

  2. A splendid collection! It reminds me of the times we took our girls on vacation and they would always come home with some kind of rock collection. Our youngest granddaughter is evidently following in their footsteps as she left a little pile of stones in the kitchen, taken from our garden the last time she was here. I love your use of the rocks in your garden. What a good idea! Than you for participating in the challenge.

    • Thanks! I think rock collecting might be a genetic trait, passed on through the generations. πŸ˜‰

  3. ahhh – such variety
    and my fav Is the painted rock.
    I have river rocks out front and gave some to the neighbor children to paint – and they liked it – cheers to rocks

  4. What an interesting pastime – and what beauty it brings! I used to collect rocks too, but when I started filling the suitcases and leaving my clothes…I had to stop. And I love the way you really make use of them afterwards -Ii was not that good at it. Your mix of rocks and plants looks so well thought through.

  5. I always try to come home with a find from some state park, forest or beach– especially during hiking and camping trips. However, I was told that I angered the “gods” associated with stones, shell and lava rock collections from Hawaii– that I got away with when even checked at the airport. Lots of neat stuff in geology.

    • I have relatives in Hawaii and used to bring home neat rocks from there when I was little. Then they started cracking down on it at the airport. Best not to anger the gods in Hawaii. They might cause a volcano to erupt!

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  7. Yes, it’s something I have collected too. Moving tends to put paid to that and I now use seashells in a similar way in my garden space. Love how tactile the rocks are. And ‘hi’ is adorable πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Rocks are fun to collect. We put seashells in our creek to make the next homeowner wonder where they came from. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, the “hi” rock was cute!

  8. In Des Plaines, where I used to live, there was an ongoing thing where people (usually kids) painted a rock and then left it somewhere to be found. If you found it, you were supposed to take a picture of it, post it on the Facebook group “Des Plaines Rocks” and then take it somewhere else to be found. While taking walks, I occasionally found these and re-placed them. Kind of like a miniature scavenger hunt. It was fun!

    • My rocks are in groups of various sizes, inside and out. They can take up very little space, but if you keep collecting they can take up a lot of space! πŸ™‚

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