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Words into Art

Imnaha River - Jackie Smith 6April2019  Words into art
Imnaha River – Jackie Smith

My friend asked me to go hear author Pamela Royes talk about her book Temperance Creek: A Memoir at a quilt shop. At a quilt shop? I thought. I didn’t know that QuiltWorks had a “Books to Quilts” program.

Pamela spoke about her book and showed slides of where she lives in the rugged country near Hells Canyon in northeastern Oregon. A chance encounter with Skip Royes led her into living the life of a wandering shepherder. She and Skip spent four years on a life-changing journey in the wilderness. Pamela transforms from a carefree hippie into a responsible woman who learns to appreciate the wildness of her new home. She also learns of the culture of the Nez Perce, who first occupied this land.

Her lyrical prose helps paint pictures in your mind of her adventures and the surrounding country. Quilters made the “words into art” and they displayed their work in this shop. Pamela became emotional as she described her appreciation for the quilts depicting her words. These creative works meant more to her than any trophy.

Sheep and a special dog

These quilts show different interpretations of sheep. Some are realistic while others are whimsical. Their dog, Puss, helped keep the sheep in line.

Puss - Vicki Roadman Words into art
Puss – Vicki Roadman

Horsing around

Here are quilts showing horses and mules, an important part of their family.

Horses - Linda Mullholand 6April2019
Horses! – Linda Mullholand
Nez Perce War Pony - Vicki Words into art
Nez Perce War Pony – Vicki Roadm
Mule Dears - Jinks Snow 6April2019
Mule Dears – Jinks Snow

Flora and Fauna

These quilts show some of the plants and animals that live in northeastern Oregon. Pamela and Skip had many exciting encounters with wildlife in the back country.

Camping out and remembering

They spent months out in the wilderness living in a tent. They remembered the contributions of Native Americans who called this place home.

Sweat Lodge - Suzanne Martin 6April2019 Words into art
Sweat Lodge – Suzanne Martin
Black Elk Speaks - Joan Upshaw 6April2019
Black Elk Speaks – Joan Upshaw

Little Details

These quilts focus on some of the small details of their life. Sometimes Pamela had one foot in one world and the other in another.

The Murmur of Small Things - Martha Phair Sanders 6April2019 Words into art
The Murmur of Small Things – Martha Phair Sanders

The Land

Many of the quilts focus on the beauty of the land. Some of these are abstract, others are realistic. They vary in appearance and texture, just like the land they represent.

Home, The High Mountains - Bev Henneous 6April2019 Words into art
Home, The High Mountains – Bev Henneous
Canyons - Jean Wilkinson 6April2019
Canyons – Jean Wilkinson
Gleam of Snake River - Linda S. Ripsch 6April2019 Words into art
Gleam of Snake River – Linda S. Ripsch

And as the sun sinks into the West

This quilt captures the color and majesty of the country around North Temperance Creek. I hope you liked these beautiful words into art quilts as much as I did.

Sunset on NorthTemperance Creek - Kathy Chism 6April2019 Words into art
Sunset on North Temperance Creek – Kathy Chism

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16 thoughts on “Words into Art-Temperance Creek: LAPC

  1. Oh my gosh SB, talk about creativity!!! These are incredible. The idea of creating a quilt that depicts one’s life story from a book – WOW. I loved them all but especially the sheep quilts. For some reason they really stole my heart.

  2. These quilts are absolutely beautiful! What amazing artist and I can’t imagine the time and skill and love that was put into each one! Thank you so much for sharing these!

  3. You captured the essence of the quilt show by grouping them together. I love the way the artists captured the feelings and visions of the book. Thank you for saving this in pictures.

    Suzy Beal

  4. You captured the essence of the quilt show by the way you grouped these photos. I loved the way the quilters responded to the scenes, feelings, and landscapes of the book. Thank you for saving these quilts in your photography for us.


      • There is nothing special in this. Quilting is universal. I have made 15 (fifteen) quilt& patchwork posts which everyone contains about 50 (fifty) photos. Most probably You did not a look at my posts.

        I guess also that You did not bother to take a look at my newest post:

        Made on courses 2019

        Ordinary people in my country are skillful, say what You say. 🙂 This not only my own opinion but also other people who has left comments in my newest post.

        Have a good day!

      • I have been helping my elderly mother so I have fallen behind on WordPress. I did not mean to offend you, I just meant I was impressed that other quilters would put on shows based on a book. This was a new concept to me. 🙂

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