Lamar Valley Elk: FOWC

Elk at Yellowstone

Here’s a group of elk making their way through a small lake in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. A peaceful scene is mirrored in the lake. However, the elk are in an area where several wolf packs live.

Lamar Valley Elk Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 1June2018Lamar Valley Elk 2 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 1June2018Lamar Valley Elk 3 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 1June2018Lamar Valley Elk 4 1June2018

Did you know that the environment is changing in a positive way since reintroducing wolves? To see a fascinating video about this, clickΒ How Wolves Change Rivers.

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14 thoughts on “Lamar Valley Elk: FOWC

  1. Yes, I have seen that video several times and love it. So hard to get a balance between the needs of humans and the needs of nature. I don’t think our leaders are doing a very good job of it lately, but I hope nature will somehow survive as it is in Yellowstone. Do you live in Wyoming? I went to university in Laramie and lived in Cheyenne for 7 years.

  2. Oops..My comment got lost. Sheridan has an elk herd in town as well–a large plot fenced off with buffalo in it as well. My sister’s yard has frequent deer visitors and lately, two brown bears! Nature is alive and thriving in Wyoming. Lets hope that isn’t all altered too much by our present administration. It is hard to balance the needs of humans and nature, but we need to keep trying.

    • We need more balance that’s for sure. Two people got attacked by elk in the park when we were there because they got too close to a cow with a calf. We have mule deer in our yard all the time!

    • Yes, they are well camouflaged – probably just like some of your hoofed mammals where you live. It is wonderful that predators are being appreciated . πŸ˜ƒ

    • Thanks. Yes, they do need to be protected. I didn’t get to see any on our recent trip but I am happy knowing they exist there.

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