Pronghorn herd in the High Desert

Last fall, we saw a pronghorn herd on the drive to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in southeast Oregon. This herd consisted of about 100 bucks and does.

You can see Hart Mountain peeking out in the distance. A storm was moving in. Here are pictures of the storm as it developed. Storm Clouds over Hart Mountain.

Pronghorn herd near Hart Mountain, Oregon 1November2017

Can you find a big buck watching over his harem in this picture? Both bucks and does can have horns, though the does’ are small or sometimes absent. Males have short black manes, a neck patch, and black markings across their forehead.

Weekly Photo Challenge – A Face in the Crowd

8 thoughts on “Pronghorn herd in the High Desert

  1. So spacious!
    I pick the pronghorn on the far right facing out as the leader. The only one that seems to be focusing out. The 3 lying down in the foreground are the ever vigilant sentinels, ready to jump up and get going in a split second. All the others are just hanging out! 🙂

    • Good observation! There’s more than one buck there and that one is doing a good job guarding the herd. They have enormous eyes.

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