Looking back to Fort Rock

View of Fort Rock, Oregon 10June2016A sky streaked with clouds frames Fort Rock, rising from the sagebrush sea in central Oregon. This is the view from a cave where ancient sandals made from sagebrush were found. Sandals and other artifacts found there were determined to be 9,300-10,250 years old. Walking from the cave back towards the mountain, you can almost imagine some of the sights ancient people may have seen.

For more about the cave, visit my post. Read more about the excellent  Fort Rock Valley Historical Society Homestead Village Museum, on another one of my posts.

Weekly Photo Challenge – The road taken

13 thoughts on “Looking back to Fort Rock

  1. What a simply beautiful photo! With the trail leading into the distance, the rock on the horizon, and that gorgeous sky. A great entry for this week’s challenge.

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  3. I agree, a wonderful photo. I could imagine my footsteps on that path, wearing similar sandals and resuming a trip cut short because the previous footwear were too thin to protect my feet. Thanks for sending me on my imaginary trip! Lyn

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