Oregon sunshine bouquet: Friday Flowers

This Oregon sunshine bouquet was growing in my yard. This plant is common in a variety of habitats in western North America.

Oregon sunshine

Oregon sunshine, Eriophyllum lanatum, is a shrubby perennial that grows well in light shade to full sun. They’re obviously drought tolerant, since I don’t water this part of our High Desert property at all. These plants reach a size of one to two feet wide and one to two feet tall. I like their bright yellow, long-lasting flowers. Pollinators and birds like them as well.

It grows so well here, I end up pulling most of the plants like weeds. One year, I decided to just let them grow in a large gravel-covered area. The thick “lawn” of plants, shown below, prevented some of our common weeds from growing.

Wildflowers in bloom

Friday Flowers

2 thoughts on “Oregon sunshine bouquet: Friday Flowers

  1. Wow! The flowers are pretty (‘sunshine’ is the perfect name for them) but I’m also ‘wowing’ at your property – so open and desert-like!

    • Yeah, they are a cheery flower. With a wet spring this year, more land equals more weeds to pull, desert or not. 😏

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