A small but bountiful garden: Friday Flowers

This small but bountiful garden was behind a house in northeast Bend, Oregon. This was one of the featured stops on the High Desert Garden Tour in July 2022.

These purple clematis were beautiful. There’s also a peek of an Annabelle hydrangea shrub in this photo.


These long-blooming flowers are a type of daisy. I think they’re Shasta daisies. You can see a multi-colored Euonymus shrub on the left side.

small but bountiful garden

This cutting garden was full of flowers including posies, Lobelia, and marigolds. I especially liked the yellow snapdragons.

small but bountiful garden

Milkweed! I got seeds last year but neglected ever planting them. Seeing these showy milkweed in full bloom inspired me to try planting them this year.


This yellow flower is Coreopsis ‘Tickseed.’ I love their bright color!

blanket flowers

This rock-lined garden included coneflowers, yarrow, blanket flowers, and Sedum.

Mixed garden

The lot around this house was not large, but I was impressed by the small but bountiful garden they planted in the space available.

Friday Flowers

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