Collection of… : LAPC

A collection of ingredients used to cure maladies at an ancient apothecary

collection of herbal cures
Kam Wah Chung, John Day, Oregon

A few carefully curated contemporary works, echoing history

Contemporary baskets
Baskets by Natalie Kirk (Warm Springs Tribe), High Desert Museum, Oregon

A bountiful collection of vegetables grown and displayed with care

Collection of vegetables
Piles of fresh vegetables at Bend Farmer’s Market, Oregon

One special delicious dish, with a side of foamy, golden beer

Fish & Chips
Fish & chips from Wild Catch, Redmond, Oregon

A collection of colorful thundereggs, petrified wood, agates, and obsidian, guarded by a badger

Rocks and a badger painted by Siobhan, Bend, Oregon

A few minerals heated together, blown, and cut into delicate clear vessels

liqueur glasses
Crystal liqueur glasses, Bend, Oregon

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #246-Still Life

16 thoughts on “Collection of… : LAPC

    • Thanks, Tina! I had to think about this one for a while, but then I’m like, Oh yeah! The people who set up displays at museums are pros at setting up still lifes.

  1. Great collections Siobhan. The colorful collection of veggies is what is best from a market. I love your display with the agates, rocks an badger. Awesome job on the badger. The only time I have ever seen a badger in my life was on our way to Bend one day. Terrified us as it looked like it was going to challenge our vehicle. lol. I didn’t know what it was at the time. Fascinating creatures. Great collections!

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