The details of leaves: LAPC

The details of leaves,

Rounded, serrated leaflets bearing tidbits of sweetness.

Details of leaves strawberry
Wild strawberries Fragaria sp.

Arching narrow leaves falling in cascades of ombre colors.

Hakone grass
Hakone grass Hakonechola macra ‘Aureola’

Palmate and star-shaped, brushed with contrasting freckles.

Details of leaves Begonia
Begonia Begonia ‘Phoe’s Cleo’

The details of leaves,

Fan-shaped with veins radiating outward in lush layers.

Gingko tree
Dwarf maidenhair tree Gingko biloba ‘Mariken’

Linear, straight or slightly curved, falling to earth in Autumn as they have since Miocene times.

Dawn redwood
Dawn redwood Metasequioa glyptostroboides ‘Schirrmann’s Nordlicht’

Reaching for the warmth of the sun with semi-circular palmate lobes.

Details of leaves Fan palm
Fan palm

Huge, paddle-shaped, and overlapping, bearing a familiar, but inedible, fruit.

Hardy banana
Hardy banana Musa basjoo

All photos taken in the 80-acre Oregon Garden in Sublimity, Oregon.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Perfect Patterns

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    • Thanks, Ann-Christine! Yes, people don’t always notice grasses. I too liked the gingko and hope to get one for our yard.

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