Many windowed barn: Wordless Wednesday

Many windowed barn

Many windowed barn near Dayville in Eastern Oregon

Wordless Wednesday

9 thoughts on “Many windowed barn: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Did you see any other barns in the area with so many windows? I’ve noticed barns in a particular area are usually similar. Next region/state over, a different style predominates. Although the rebel in me wants to believe the owner/builder of this barn was striving to be unique.

    • No, Becky, none of the other barns nearby had that style. I’ve never seen that many anywhere else and it made me smile. 😀

  2. That’s pretty smart. My grandparents had a 100 year old barn in Iowa with only a few windows. More windows would’ve meant more light. Beautiful photograph.

    • Thanks, Jessica. I love old barns! You’re lucky your grandparents had one. Good point about more light from all the windows in the one pictured.

      • Thanks so much. My brother bought their farm after they passed, so the barn is still in the family, which is so wonderful. I love old barns, too. So much history.

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