South Falls from 3 perspectives: LAPC

Here are photographs of South Falls from 3 perspectives. This 177-foot high waterfall is located along the Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park in Sublimity, Oregon. South Falls and Upper North Falls are the only trails where dogs, on leash, are allowed.

The first picture shows a distant view from the overlook trail in afternoon light.

South Falls

The next photograph shows a closer view of the falls.


The last image shows a view from the top of the falls. This is a view you don’t often get at waterfalls.

Headwaters of falls

South Falls is one of the places in the park where you can walk BEHIND the waterfall. You can see the trail leading behind it in my last photograph. I did not hike the trail during my recent visit, but I’m sharing a beautiful two-minute video of the trail taken by John Minar Photography. Enjoy!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – One subject three ways

12 thoughts on “South Falls from 3 perspectives: LAPC

  1. A beautiful waterfall! And a good choice for this challenge as falls do look very different from different angles. Seeing them from the top is definitely a bonus, I agree.

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