On the other side: LAPC & WWP

On the other side of darkness,
it may be difficult to find a clear path ahead

On the other side
Lava Butte, Oregon

The journey towards a viable future
may be surrounded by ghosts of what once was

Santiam Highway
Remnants of fire, Santiam Highway, Oregon

Meander between colorful boulders haphazardly blocking the trail
in a landscape dark and unfathomable

On the other side
Abert Lake, Oregon

Hike to majestic mountains to discover distant aspirations
but be aware of obstacles lurking in the shadows

Mitchell, Oregon
Near Mitchell, Oregon

Keep climbing upwards because on the other side of the hill,
there is a place full of light and acceptance

East Lake
East Lake, Oregon

Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Over the Hill

Weekend Writing Prompt #278 – Viable (82 words)

20 thoughts on “On the other side: LAPC & WWP

  1. Beautifully said and shown Siobhan. Interesting to see the growth of color at the base of the dead trees from the fire. Nature will eventually recover – assuming we stop trying to prevent it.

    • Thank you, Tina! Yes, nature is slowly recovering after the fire. We do more prescribed burns after this very large fire. It helps limit the size of future wildfires.

  2. I love the story this told amidst the nature. An astounding metaphor for life with the encouragement to continue.

    On a more literal note. So sad to hear of the fires of the Santiam Hwy. We lived near there for a few years. Such a nice drive. Your photo shows of its efforts in coming back, maybe even better and brighter.

    Happy Autumn. Thanks for coming along.

    • Thanks, Dawn! Yeah, we weren’t hit as badly as past years with fire, but it’s still bad. I hope we have a lot of snow and a long winter this year. We need the water!

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