Wyoming skyscapes as paintings: LAPC

I dip a dry brush into Titanium White and tentatively paint delicate wisps onto Cobalt Blue Wyoming skyscapes

Wispy clouds

Emboldened, I fill my brush and paint curving lines reaching towards the sky

Wyoming skyscapes

With a stippler brush, I add tiny dots of white next to bold brushstrokes

Western highway

I gently dab on larger spots with a soft sponge from the sea

roadside views

After adding darker highlights, fluffy, transient herds wander across Wyoming skyscapes

Wyoming skyscapes

My brush flicks back and forth with increasing pressure until the sky is filled

Distant cliffs

My work done for the day, I dream of the masterpieces I will create in tomorrow’s skies

These photographs were all taken from the passenger seat while we drove along the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway in western Wyoming. It can be challenging to take good pictures while in motion, but this highway offers stunning landscapes around every corner.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Motion

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