Funny bird moments, slightly blurred: LAPC & BWPC

I often look at bird photos I’ve taken later and find out they’re slightly blurred. Fortunately for me, the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Blurry.” I’m highlighting funny bird moments to go along with the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge of “Humor.”

This American robin looked kind of mad that I interrupted a private moment with its Ring-necked Dove friend. Ooops!

Ring-necked Dove and American Robin

Is this an ad for Subaru? Look a little closer to spot the Mountain Bluebird admiring its reflection in my mirror. It was quite taken with itself.

Funny bird moments bluebird
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I was trying to get pictures of these fledgling Barn Swallows for a while. At one point, one fluttered above its nest mates and turned to laugh at me.

Barn swallow fledglings

We were so busy looking at these mule deer that we almost overlooked the two Burrowing Owls in the foreground. They tried standing still and imitating sagebrush stems but their heads kept swiveling in our direction.

Mule deer and Burrowing Owl

I saw a Western Tanager in my yard once. Really. I did. See, here’s the picture I took to prove it. 😁

Funny bird moments tanager

You never know when you’re going to capture funny bird moments with your camera.

Bird Weekly Photo Challenge #58 – Blurry

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #196 – Humor

21 thoughts on “Funny bird moments, slightly blurred: LAPC & BWPC

  1. Ha! Great captures! Love the owls and Subaru. I was hiking with a group once and a small bird was quite taken with its own image in one of the car’s rear-views. It was reluctant to fly away! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Tina! Yes, it’s easy to get blurry shots. I also have great photos of open ocean when I was trying to capture a picture of dolphins. 😊

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