What our pets teach us: Sunday Stills

We don’t always pay attention to what our pets teach us. Here are a few things my pets have taught me.

Sometimes you need to pause and smell the flowers.

What our pets teach us - smell the flowers

It’s nice to share what you have with those you care about.

Dog sleeping on feet

Our pets teach us it’s okay to explore strange new worlds.

Dog at painted hills
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Sometimes you need to tune out the distractions and focus on what’s right in front of you.

what our pets teach us

You can get along with those you have nothing in common with.

Cat rubbing on dog

It’s okay to take a break and pamper yourself.

Close view of cat in the sun

Sunday Stills – Love Your Pets

22 thoughts on “What our pets teach us: Sunday Stills

  1. They really can teach us so much. We don’t have any currently, but I shared my pets from years past and my daughters current pup. I’m so behind on commenting, I figured I’d better start with the most recent Sunday Stills..lol. Love your photos of your adventures with your pups.

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