Oregon mountains from afar: LAPC

Today I’m featuring views of Oregon mountains from afar. We’re lucky to have wide open views of these landmarks.

The first picture shows a view of the iconic Cascade Volcanoes west of Bend, Oregon. From left to right you can see Broken Top, South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister, Black Crater, Mount Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Black Butte, and Mount Jefferson. Visitor can drive scenic roads, hike, rock climb, bike, go boating, fish, hunt, and nature watch around these peaks. This map helps you find the activities you’re looking for.

Oregon mountains from afar

The second picture shows mountains east of Terrebonne, Oregon. The highest peak is Gray Butte, where I’ve seen lots of stunning wildflowers in the spring. At the base of the mountains, on the left side, you can find Smith Rock State Park. This park is a destination for rock climbers and hikers from around the world.

Oregon mountains from afar
Read more: Oregon mountains from afar: LAPC

The third picture shows Steens Mountain, in the southeast part of the state. This fault block mountain is 50 miles long. At certain times of the year, visitors can drive to the 9,733-foot peak. It’s a trip well worth taking and the views are spectacular. You’ll see the pale sand of the Alvord Desert far below and stands of mountain mahogany and aspen near the peak.

Steens Mountain, Oregon

The fourth picture shows the Painted Hills, north of Mitchell, Oregon. The stripes of red, tan, orange, and black in this photo record the effects of past climate change in this region. There are several trails in the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. One of my favorites in the nearby Sheeprock Unit is the Blue Basin Trail.

Painted Hills, Oregon

Consider the weather when viewing Oregon mountains from afar

When you’re out exploring Oregon mountains from afar, check the weather conditions in advance. Did you notice the cloud cover increasing in each of these photos? Clear skies show off the Cascade Volcanoes along the skyline, but rainy conditions bring out the soil color in the Painted Hills.

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18 thoughts on “Oregon mountains from afar: LAPC

    • Yes, either autumn or spring. It gets VERY hot there in the summer.

      Be sure to go to Kam Wah Chung nearby if it’s open. It usually closes at the end of October for the season, but it may have covid-related closures.

  1. Stunning photos, Siobhan!

    I’ve rarely seen such a great photo of the entire range that includes the Sisters, with peaks covered in snow so they’re clearly seen. Good job! I’ve driven in the area many times, approaching both from the west and the east, and it always impresses me with its beauty.

    Eons ago I climbed in Smith Rocks. Fond memories that include rattlesnakes!

    I’ve never visited Steens Mountain or the Painted Rocks. Judging from your photos, I’m sorry to have missed them while I lived nearby.

    • Thank you, Becky! Yeah, the Cascade peaks are always impressive. Hope you didn’t get too close to the Smith Rock rattlers. 😯 Steens and the Painted Hills are dramatic landscapes in very different ways.

      I’m trying to find fall foliage nearby – it’s a little early. I am envious of the fall foliage fireworks I assume will be near your new home. 🍁

  2. Hmmmm. now I’m annoyed that I wasn’t aware of the “painted hills” and having visited Oregon several times have never seen them! I shall have to return one of these days Siobhan. Loved your wide angles. You live in the perfect place for them.

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