A desert wander discovery: WPW

On a desert wander, clouds fill my head. A scrub jay calls to me in its raucous voice and my attention shifts. I stumble over a rock, plain and gray. The rock beckons me to pull it from the sandy soil. Just a rock, I think. Dark and hardened, like my thoughts. It’s stuck fast in the soil and I pry it loose with a juniper twig.Β 

desert wander rocks

I cup the rock in my hand and feel its weight. Though it appeared ordinary in the soil, it is not. Other hands have held this rock. They chipped away the darkness to reveal a shining edge. My fingers trace its sharpness; an unforeseen treasure from the past brought to light. My desert wander turns to wonder. As dawn breaks, the clouds lining the horizon disappear.

High desert rock from past
High desert rock

Weekly Prompts Wednesday – Unforeseen

15 thoughts on “A desert wander discovery: WPW

    • Yes, it is. Judging by how often we see mule deer here, it was probably a good hunting area for the Northern Paiute decades ago.

      • So kind. Thank you for thinking of me. It’s the little things. He was so much a part of my days. I miss him so much. Every time someone reads about him it deepens the story for all of us.

    • I’m always looking for special rocks, Marina. I love how some of them look when wet – it brings out their hidden personality.

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