Whirlybirds up close: Macro Monday

Whirlybirds up close on a maple tree in my High Desert yard. I have fond childhood memories of collecting whirlybirds from the ground and tossing them up into the air. Watching them helicopter towards the ground was cheap entertainment in those days.

Whirlybirds up close

Macro Monday

4 thoughts on “Whirlybirds up close: Macro Monday

  1. Me, too! Although we called them helicopters, perhaps because of the aviators in my family. I think I prefer whirlybirds 🙂

    There were always maple trees and their helicopters/whirlybirds nearby when I was growing up near Seattle. I’ve missed them during my time in Idaho’s mountains, but I’ll have them again when I land in Vermont!

    • Yes, you will have lots of maples there!

      By the way, I live by a small airport and when they put in a new road, they named it, “Rotor Way.” It’s by the helicopter landing area.

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