Within a small seed – 4 haiku: LAPC

Within a small seed blanket flowers
Blanket flower seed heads

within a small seed
a tiny new life slumbers
awakened by sun

Hops and chives
Hops & chives

emerald limbs stretch
stems lengthen and reach skyward
embraced by springtime

Flower border May 2020
Mixed flower border

sepals nod and bend
petals emerge in starbursts
painted by nature

Sunflower up close July 2020

flower color fades
fruit envelops tender lives
within a small seed

Within a small seed Apple trees 20September2018

Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Gardens

10 thoughts on “Within a small seed – 4 haiku: LAPC

  1. The photos are great but it’s your haikus that really captured my imagination today. I like the way you bring us back to the seed at the end – the cycle of life 🙂

    • Thank you, Sarah! I wrote those haiku fast and sometimes it pays off when you don’t overthink things. 😄

  2. Beautiful flowers with wonderful poetry!

    I love basket flowers! I didn’t know what they were until some showed up in an area where I’d tossed wildflower seed a couple of years earlier. Late bloomers (here, anyway), adding some brightness after most everything else has gone to seed.

    • Yes, they’re really colorful and bright. It looks like you have been seeing a lot of your local beauties lately. 🌻

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