Arches National Park in bloom: LAPC

In early May 2017, we visited the national parks in Utah. With temperatures in the 90s, we didn’t exactly avoid the desert’s heat, but we were happy to see Arches National Park in bloom.

These plants grow well under the hot, sunny conditions. Here are a few of the plants we saw in bloom. Some are big and bold; others are small and subtle.

Arches National Park in bloom May 2017
Blooming cactus in Utah May 2017
Evening primrose in Utah May 2017
Arches National Park in bloom, yucca plant Utah May 2017
Blooming wildflowers and grasses in Utah May 2017
Arches National Park wildflowers May 2017

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Under the sun

15 thoughts on “Arches National Park in bloom: LAPC

  1. We had plans to visit the Utah parks this past May. Needless to say it was canceled. We’ve rescheduled for next year. We are hopeful and looking forward to seeing what the parks have to offer. Nice photos!!

    • Thanks! Sorry for the delayed response. WordPress put your comment in Spam. ☹️ I hope you can return to Arches someday to see the beauty of the desert.

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