Yellowstone in spring is a time to… : LAPC

Yellowstone in spring is a time to

Shrug off that old winter coat and

  • Yellowstone in spring, Elk near West Thumb, Yellowstone June 2018
  • Bison near Norris Geyser Basin June 2015

Feel the warmth of the sun

  • Red fox near Calcite Spring June 2018
  • Mountain Bluebird near Morning Glory hot spring June 2015

Yellowstone in spring is a time to

View rainbows captured in pools and

  • Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Yellowstone June 2018
  • Rainbow Pool in Biscuit Basin June 2018

Ephemeral wildflowers

  • Balsamroot near Mammoth Hot Springs May 2018
  • Fringed gentian surrounding Ear Spring June 2015

Yellowstone in spring is a time to

Welcome new lives into the world and

  • Yellowstone in Spring, Bison & calves in Lamar Valley June 2015
  • Yellow-bellied marmot & pup near Calcite Spring June 2018

Marvel at their adventures

  • Two bighorn sheep ewes & lambs, Calcite Spring, Yellowstone June 2015
  • Black bear and two cubs June 2011

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) – Spring

12 thoughts on “Yellowstone in spring is a time to… : LAPC

    • Thanks! We hope to return next year to Yellowstone. This year’s trip had to be postponed, like many other’s.

  1. If ever I get to visit the USA I doubt the big cities will see me for longer than is required to travel through the airport. Yellowstone, and the other magnificent national parks, is what I want to see. And your beautiful photos, Siobhan, just makes me wish even harder that my ship will come in soon!

    • Thanks, Marilize! I’m glad my photos have given you something to look forward to. Your photos do the same for me. I marvel at the diversity of nature so close to your home. 🙂 ❤

    • Glad I could give you a little present today. We’re all looking forward to the opportunity to roam scenic landscapes once again in the future.

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