From different perspectives: LAPC

I am trying to take a look at things at home from different perspectives.

The western juniper trees are always ready to be photographed from a distance or close up.

My juniper muse from the ground up.

From different perspectives, juniper from ground up Bend, Oregon 6April2020

Ripples and layers.

Western juniper bark, Bend, Oregon 25April2020

A close up of red bark.

Western juniper bark, Bend, Oregon 6April2020

The lichens and mosses on the rocks in my yard are painting portraits full of color and texture.

A still life of sticks and rocks.

Lichens and moss on rocks, Bend Oregon 6 April 2020

Cheatgrass seeds caught in crevices and moss.

Lichens and moss on rocks, Bend Oregon 5 April 2020

Vibrant yellow lichens amidst darker ones.

From different perspectives, Lichens on rocks, Bend Oregon 25 April 2020

Our pets are grateful we are home and they let us know in their own special ways.

Praying I always stay home this much.

Cat that looks like she is praying, Bend, Oregon 17 April 2020

Finally tuckered out after extra play time.

Tuckered out dog, Bend, Oregon 8 April 2020

Hoping to bring a smile to my face by decorating her white coat with dirt.

From different perspectives, dirty dog, Bend, Oregon 11 April 2020

Hope you are managing your time at home okay. Try to look at things from different perspectives and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) – At Home

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