Friday Flowers & Flag Bridge

Just couldn’t resist posting one more picture of a bridge.  The color of the flags on the bridge are changed with the various seasons, holidays, and events.  This bridge is not far from the one I posted on Wednesday.  The bridge is in Bend, Oregon and it goes over the Deschutes River.  There are some … Continue reading Friday Flowers & Flag Bridge

Bridge of Art

Last summer I was out for an early morning walk and happened to see an artist at work painting a mural on a bridge. Sandy Klein was painting spring flowers and birds on this bridge of art in the Old Mill district of Bend, Oregon. The beautiful artwork sprinkled throughout Bend accentuates its natural beauty. … Continue reading Bridge of Art

A story in layers

Land forms at Capitol Reef National Park The landscape at Capitol Reef National Park tells many stories in colorful layers of rock. The darker columns in the picture above are part of the Moenkopi Formation and it is 225 million years old. The sedimentary layers of rock in this picture consist of silt, sand, clay, and gravel. … Continue reading A story in layers

Bend Whitewater Park

About the Bend Whitewater Park Did you know that you can surf on the Deschutes River? Yes, thanks to the creation of the Bend Whitewater Park you too can hang ten on the river that flows through Bend, Oregon. Maybe you would rather float down in an inner tube – you can do that too. Maybe … Continue reading Bend Whitewater Park

High Desert Museum – A place of wonder (continued)

What’s outside? When you go outside into parts of the 135-acre property, you will be able to visit various exhibits. The Autzen Otter area is being renovated and won’t be open again until sometime in the spring of 2016. Be sure to stop by to see the entertaining otters once the exhibit reopens. Keep going … Continue reading High Desert Museum – A place of wonder (continued)

Edward S. Curtis’ life of twists & turns Pt. 5

Marriage, children, & divorce Edward S. Curtis married Clara S. Phillips in 1892 and they had four children together. His photography work took him away from home for long periods of time. Due to his long absences and the financial drain on the business, Clara divorced him in 1916 and gained full custody of their … Continue reading Edward S. Curtis’ life of twists & turns Pt. 5

Edward S. Curtis Fever in Bend, Oregon

Events and exhibits related to photographer Edward S. Curtis were located all over Bend. Edward S. Curtis Fever took place in September and October. Curtis documented Native American tribes living in many parts of North America in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Part of his work is featured in the 20-volume set of books … Continue reading Edward S. Curtis Fever in Bend, Oregon

Painted Hills – An Oregon natural wonder

It is easy to see why the Painted Hills are designated as one of Oregon’s Seven Wonders. The Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument , located nine miles northwest of Mitchell, Oregon, is 3,132 acres in size. If you visit the Painted Hills after rainstorms move through the area, the … Continue reading Painted Hills – An Oregon natural wonder

Successful Invaders: Flora and Fauna that won

What are successful invaders? There are certain members of the plant and animal world that I call successful invaders. Some are admired; others are reviled. A few are both liked and despised at the same time. Western juniper Where I live, the Western juniper, Juniperus occidentalis, fits into that last category. It is a native … Continue reading Successful Invaders: Flora and Fauna that won

Lava Lands Visitor Center – Stories of Oregon’s volcanoes

Follow the red lava flow The Lava Lands Visitor Center has interpretive exhibits that focus on local volcanology, geology, ecology, and archeology. As I entered the exhibit area, the red “lava flows” in the carpet guided me you through the center. Display boards are big, bright, and bold. They contain A LOT of information. This … Continue reading Lava Lands Visitor Center – Stories of Oregon’s volcanoes

Metolius Preserve Hike in Autumn

Last week I went on a Metolius Preserve hike with the Deschutes Land Trust (DLT).  This 1,240 acre preserve is located about ten miles west of Sisters, OR and was acquired by the DLT in 2003. The forest Ponderosa pine trees dominate the landscape but there are also Douglas fir, grand fir, incense cedar, and … Continue reading Metolius Preserve Hike in Autumn

Fort Rock Attractions: History & Geology

The year is 1905 and you have traveled thousands of miles across the country. You spot a fort-shaped rock formation in the distance and know you are finally close to your destination. A sage thrasher perched atop sagebrush seems to be singing its melodic song to welcome you. As you draw closer, you see several … Continue reading Fort Rock Attractions: History & Geology

Warm Springs Museum – Native American history

Wasco, Warm Springs, & Northern Paiute peoples The Warm Springs Museum, located in Warm Springs, Oregon, is impressive inside and out. As you approach the building, note the interesting architecture that echoes some of the structures local tribes lived in. Be sure to view the building from the back as well. The building honors the … Continue reading Warm Springs Museum – Native American history

Birding Around Bend

A fluttering of wings draws my eyes. An unknown call turns my head. Finding birds and figuring out what they are is like working as an investigative detective. You notice things that don’t fit into the puzzle that forms the background environment. I’m no expert but I look for clues such as the silhouette, size, … Continue reading Birding Around Bend

Santiam Wagon Road – A walk back in time

A safe passage to the east If you are looking for an interesting historical area to visit close to Bend, try following parts of the route of the Santiam Wagon Road. It parallels present day Highway 20 and parts of Highway 126 between the cities of Sisters and Lebanon, Oregon. This particular wagon road is … Continue reading Santiam Wagon Road – A walk back in time