About Me

Siobhan at Big Obsidian Flow

Siobhan at Big Obsidian Flow

Branching out from Bend, Oregon, this blog will dazzle you with facts about nature and history in the area. You may see occasional glimpses of my sense of humor. It is about as twisted as the juniper trees in my yard. If my words don’t dazzle you enough, you will also see some of my photos and drawings. Good writing is supposed to make you “see” what is being written about but including images sure can help.

If you are still reading this you may want to know a few facts about me. My name is Siobhan and I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Environmental Science. I worked as a wildlife biologist many years ago in Washington State and eastern Oregon. I also served for nearly 12 years as a school board member. I am a self-taught published artist. I have also always had an interest in early American history.

I have volunteered for various nonprofits and currently work at the High Desert Museum. I help with editing, layout, and writing of the in-house newsletter, High Desert Voices. In September of 2015, I received the “Rookie of the Year” award for my volunteer work at the Museum.

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