Winter Sunrise

Cool snowy blankets Boldly contrasting branches Frame an immense sky Blinking awake in deep blue Blushing in flashes of fire

Day breaks and clouds wait: LAPC & Sunday Stills

Day breaksAnd cloudsWait to reflectNature’s glow Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) – Morning Sunday Stills – Mother Nature

Someday in the future: LAPC

Someday in the future I’ll live on a street full of possibilities Someday I’ll live where birds are the color of the sky And flowers are the color of the sun Someday I’ll live where lichens send messages that only I can see And rocks will tell me of distant worlds in their own kind … Continue reading Someday in the future: LAPC

Watching & waiting for clouds: LAPC

Watching & waiting for clouds Turning the sky into a color collecting kaleidoscope Expressing their thoughts with fiery punctuation Or softening their words in pastel tones Watching & waiting for clouds Painting the world with their bold thoughts While gazing at us through eyes lined in brilliance Lens-Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC): Waiting

Clouds in my sky: LAPC

I can be jubilant one moment and pensive the next, and a cloud could go by and make that happen. Bob Dylan Here are few clouds in my sky from the last year’s worth of Lens-Artists Photo Challenges. These pictures were taken in Eastern and Central Oregon, my favorite country. Enjoy their many moods. Special … Continue reading Clouds in my sky: LAPC

Unusual Clouds Above Bend : LAPC

The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again. Ram Charan We have many beautiful sunrises and sunsets here in Bend, Oregon. Sometimes the unique colors and forms of the clouds are totally unexpected and they’ll take your … Continue reading Unusual Clouds Above Bend : LAPC

Branches in a new light: LAPC

These images show branches in a new light… Reclining and resting in a sea of green Coated with a covering of snow Framing a fiery sunrise Burdened with a bounty of fruit Shrouded by the smoke of a prescribed burn   Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Magical Light

Many moods of my muse: WPC

In my backyard, an old western juniper tree serves as my muse. Hope you enjoy these pictures that show the many moods of my muse through the seasons. The moods in the sunsets range from a quiet blush to a loud show of anger. My cover image shows a rainbow of emotions surrounding the tree. … Continue reading Many moods of my muse: WPC

Tour of Bend

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Tour Guide. This will be easy! Enjoy some pictures of beautiful sights in and around Bend, Oregon. Can you see why I love living here?

Common Nighthawk

Silent Sleeper You may have heard this bird flying overhead making a “peent” call. The common nighthawk is most active in the hours around sunrise and sunset. Due to their cryptic coloration and silent behavior during the day when they roost, they can be difficult to spot. Weekly Photo Challenge – Silence

Favorite Pictures 2017

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Favorite. I could not select just one picture so here are a few of my favorites from the past year. Enjoy! This one is from my most liked post of the year – Utah National Parks: Trees & Rocks. There are lots of photogenic landscapes in Utah and … Continue reading Favorite Pictures 2017

A glowing morning

This morning I saw a colorful and glowing sunrise over the High Desert of Central Oregon. What a wonderful way to start an October day! Weekly Photo Challenge – Glow

Solar Eclipse Success!

We traveled half an hour from our house to see the eclipse in the Path of Totality. Success! Here’s some pictures I took right before the moon covers the sun. My partial pictures are not quite as good because I was trying to figure out the best place for the filter. We viewed the eclipse … Continue reading Solar Eclipse Success!

Hot Air Extraordinaire

Harnessing hot air into giant works of art makes for some interesting sights. We went to Balloons Over Bend last weekend for a couple of their events. There were plenty of opportunities for photographs. In these first photos, I decided to focus in on some of the colorful shapes and interesting lines. We went to the morning launch at sunrise. … Continue reading Hot Air Extraordinaire

Desert Sky

Painted skies Sky. Where I live in central Oregon, it’s big and bold. The sky is rarely shrouded in shades of gray. Sunsets are painted with bold strokes of golds, pinks, and purples. Scattered clouds on sunny days are referred to as “beauty clouds” by the local weatherman. My daughter thinks they look like the … Continue reading Desert Sky